Wale Speaks on Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria: “Where Are You Safe?”

A recent terrorist attack in Nigeria has claimed upwards of an estimated 2,000 lives, with images of the massacre’s aftermath—charred and slain bodies laid out in the open—horrifying and outraging people around the world. The attack, believed to be orchestrated by extremist militant group Boko Haram, hits close to home for Wale, who’s of Nigerian descent. “It’s f*cked up and it’s just like, where are you safe at? Where?” Wale said in an interview with MTV, adding that his father is currently in the country’s northern region. He says he’s trying to avoid the graphic photos that have swept the web. “Something as pure as religion—which is essentially love, love for mankind and respect and loyalty to your spirit, a loyalty within self, a love within self—it’s so crazy that has been used as a tool to kill, to murder and to have no boundaries.”

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Eddie Murphy Isn’t Doing Beverly Hills Cop 4 Unless Script Is “Incredible”

Sorry, Beverly Hills Cop fanatics: There probably won’t be an Eddie Murphy-starred fourth movie in the series… unless the script is “incredible.” The comedy legend shot down reports that he’s bringing back his role in the classic franchise. “They still trying to get that script right,” Murphy told Rolling Stone. “I’m not doing a Beverly Hills Cop [film] unless they have a really incredible script. I’ve read a couple things that look like they can make some paper. But I’m not doing a sh*tty movie just to make some paper. The sh*t got to be right.” Murphy, who recently released a reggae track called “Oh Jah Jah,” did confirm that he recently finished a Bruce Beresford-directed drama called Cook. (No comment on all the sh*tty movies Murphy has done to make some paper over the past 20 years.)

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Tamar Braxton Reflects on a Past Abusive Relationship

Things got extra real on The Real this week, when the talk show’s five hosts spoke on advice they’d give to their former selves. Tamar Braxton took the opportunity to open up about a past abusive relationship. “God really saved me from myself. I was with the wrong person and when I was with the wrong person, it made me feel bad about who I was,” the 37-year-old singer and reality star said, adding that she was “beat down” mentally and physically. “He made me feel so bad about having dreams, having goals, and my dreams and goals were not the same as his.” Now a music star with a loving husband and baby boy, Tamar is in a better place. She offered advice to younger women to avoid her painful past: “Get to know you.”

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