The Wu-Tang Clan Drops New Single

After a seven-year hiatus, the Wu-Tang Clan just kung-fu kicked a surprise single last night. (Guess these over 40 rappers were serious when they said “Wu-Tang forever.”) “Keep Watch,” the lead single from their upcoming A Better Tomorrow, features nunchaku swift riffs from Method Man, Inspectah Deck, GZA and Cappadonna—the clan’s “unofficial” 10th member. This joint has “’90s Wu” written all over it, so all you old heads karate-rap lovers have a new anthem to help you practice your rusty Bruce Lee moves in the mirror.

Read it at MTV News.


TLC Autobiography in the Works

If you didn’t get enough of TLC’s bankruptcy blues, man drama and plight with penny-pinching Pebbles from that VH1 Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story movie, then get ready to swallow a whole lot of TMI when their tell-all drops. The “cool” of the group (that’s T-Boz for all those living on the kinda-sorta planet Pluto) told Billboard that a book is in the works since they couldn’t squeeze all three girls’ full stories into 120 minutes of film. (Juice, juice, juice!) Judging from the drama the movie brewed up, I think Chilli and T better get ready to pump out that Vaseline and their best pair of construction boots.

Read it at Madame Noire and Billboard.

50 Cent Says Steve Stoute Told Him Not to Sign with Eminem

Some of you may recall when 50 Cent got all up in Steve Stoute’s grill at a Knicks game a few weeks ago after the music exec took a couple jabs at Fif’s struggle music. (Hey, his words, not mine.) But that David vs. Goliath face-off was not the first encounter the two music mavericks have had. Back in the day, when 50 was struggling for cents and still dying to get rich, he says the money-making guru gave him this advice just before he signed to Eminem’s Shady Records: “Don’t do the deal with the White boy!” Welp, obviously Steve didn’t think Em was good enough to advance the Queens rapper’s career, just like he didn't think 50 would pop up at that Knicks game ready to flip. Lesson of the day: when in doubt, don’t pull a Steve Stoute.

Read it and watch it at Vibe.