Mariah Carey Strips Down for Nick on Twitter
Nick Cannon won, if you didn't know. For his birthday yesterday, Mariah Carey got a little strip-happy and uploaded a sexy boob-exposing b-day photo for her hubby—and the world—to see.  She included a sizzling hot message to let Cannon boy know that she was waiting for him to step up in the crib and get all that love. Oohwee! Safe to say those 40-plus-year-old tatas are feeding more than just Moroccan and Monroe.
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Lauryn Hill Headed Out on Tour
Lauryn Hill just got realized from prison and already she’s back in action. L-Boogie dropped a single the same day of her release, now she’s about to put her three-month house arrest sentence on hold to get suited and booted for a month-long tour, starting November 15th.  On New Years Day, she'll begin her her home confinement and hopefully, the end of her legal nightmare. We're rooting for you, Miss Hill. 
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Kanye West to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Not too long ago, Kanye West was Twitter-blasting Jimmy Kimmel for mocking his steez (click here if you missed that), now the two are buddy buddy and ready to sit down for crumpets and tea. Yesterday evening, the no good-cookie-getting Kimmel announced that Yeezy would be the star guest on his show tonight. Things that make you go "hmm" game proper. Kimmel swore up and down that this whole thing was not a setup, but it’s looking real suspect.  Rumor has it that Yeezus is struggling to sell tickets for his new tour, so if he’s suppressing his inner-Chi-Town and talking like a Kardashian again…we know what it is.
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