Nas Dating Another Famous Singer?

From the looks of things, Nasty Nas has got himself a new boo. Filling in the moon boots of ex-wife Kelis, miss thang is another cutesy little singer with a big voice in a small body—minus the rainbow-colored hair and weird space suits. The rap legend recently attended a private event filled with billionaire bosses and star entertainers with R&B songstress Melanie Fiona on his arm, and folks are saying the two were getting real snuggly in the cut. (Life is good.) A few nosy parkers caught the two kissing and hugging it up throughout the night, so don’t be surprised if Mr. Nasir pops up with a tattoo of “Melanie” on his arm.

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Kanye Storms Off Stage in Tampa

Once again, Kanye West had a Kanye West moment. During his Yeezus tour stop in Tampa over the weekend, the raging rapper went ham on his stage crew for screwing up his lighting, sound and effects. Yes, little loony tunes stopped mid-performance and demanded they stopped the music and turned off the lights as he stormed off stage like a big brat. Of course, the 36-year-old rapper bounced back on the set rapping like nothing ever happened. And no Ye concert nowadays would be complete without a random rant about—you guessed it—a bunch of nothing. Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy… I’m starting to think somebody slipped him a mickey.

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Beyoncé Tops Bing’s Most Searched Celebrity List

I don’t know a soul who uses Bing, but apparently somewhere in the boondocks of America, somebody’s Binging away. In her newest feat, Baddie Beyoncé trumped all on the second-rate search engine’s list of most searched celebs in the US. (Sorry Kanye, you are not the biggest rock star on the planet [Maury voice]!) Kim Kardashian came in second, Rihanna in third, Nicki Minaj and her colossal cakes booty bounced their way to number seven, and President Obama rounded off the list at number 10. So it’s official folks: Beyoncé is really the queen of this here entertainment thing. (Still not bowing down though.)

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