Consulting, Media & Entertainment and Technology lead the list of the “Top 10 Job industries Black Professionals are Most Interested In,” according to a survey released by job search firm, Jopwell.

The firm conducted the study to better help minority job applicants land gigs they’re passionate about.

“Our mission is to help Black professionals find jobs they’ll love,” said Jopwell co-founder Porter Braswell in a statement sent to EBONY.

The firm surveyed more than 5,000 users of its site in an effort to figure out what jobs Black professionals prefer. These ten careers made the list for Black professionals:

  1. Consulting
  2. Media & Entertainment
  3. Technology
  4. Advertising & Marketing
  5. Government
  6. Not-for-Profit
  7. Education
  8. Public Relations
  9. Finance
  10. Healthcare

While Technology ranked number three on the list, the actual number of Blacks in the industry is still lagging.

“Many claim that there just aren’t enough qualified minority candidates to fill open positions at their companies. But our polling of thousands of qualified Black candidates proves that’s not the case,” said Williams, who also co-founded Jopwell. “The talent is there. However, it’s up to tech companies to change the way they hire to make sure ethnic minority talent isn’t being left out of that process.”

Computer Science, another major that struggles to yield Black professionals, ranked as one of the top majors for Black college students, the survey found.

“This is important because, while Black professionals are poorly represented in the tech industry at large, the technical roles, in particular, are the most lacking in diversity,” said Williams.