After being convinced by his assistant to go for the role, Portland sportscaster Lamar Hurd is now looking to be ABC’s next Bachelor. The show has been on air for 16 seasons—featuring women and men as prize singles—but none of them have ever been African American or any other ethnic race for that matter. Scrutinized for its lack of diversity, the show’s creator said that they’re open to other races but "for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.” Yea…side-eye.

Hurd is an anchor for ROOT Sports mainly covering college basketball. The charismatic 6-foot-4 Houston-native played basketball for Oregon State University in the mid-2000s before landing the on-camera gig. Hurd and his team at the station created a 9-minute video on YouTube to "campaign" for a spot on the hit primetime show. Reluctant to put his name out there, Hurd has now embraced the idea of finding his dream woman with all of America watching. “It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it’s who I’m doing it with. So if it’s someone that I’m in love with then we’re going to have a good time,” he said.