Black talent has really represented throughout this year's award season. We have Black actresses scooping up awards at each show, filmmakers making history and raising the bar, and films reflecting the many dimensions of the Black experience. Evidently, Vanity Fair believes so too. The magazine's annual Hollywood issue has broken its own trend by featuring both Adepero Oduye of festival favorite "Pariah" and Paula Patton of "Mission Impossible III."

Oduye and Patton are not featured on the first panel of the fold out cover, but instead on an inside panel which has caused backlash in its own right. Two of the four actresses (Rooney Mara and Jessica Chastain) featured on the cover received major Oscar nominations this year, while the other two (Mia Wasikowska and Jennifer Lawrence) were already featured on the mags cover last year, respectively. Regarding their gorgeous grabs, you can't deny that these two beauties shine on their own in their sumptuous 20's and 30's hair, makeup, and styling. Still, women's magazines seem to be making just as slow a transition as Hollywood in recognizing and celebrating stars of all colors on their covers.

Should we be applauding Vanity Fair for acknowledging the actresses in their issue at all? Or is the actual cover image all that really matters in this case?