Bride: Isadora Mendez-Scott

Groom: Christian Scott

Occupations: Musicians (Vocalist  & Trumpeter)

Wedding Date: May 11th, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Location: Le Musée de f.p.c. New Orleans, LA

Photography: Erika Layne Photography                                                         

The bride on her special day:

Christian and I had an extra stressful time planning due to our circumstances at the time. We had just made a big move across the country from NY to LA, about three months before the wedding. In addition to our move to LA, we were planning a destination wedding in New Orleans, so we weren’t able to physically be there to meet with vendors and make final decisions until about a week prior. We are so glad and feel so fortunate that everything turned out as great as it did. We were also blessed to have had the help of my mother-in-law, Cara, who lives in New Orleans and was able to really come through when we needed her. Christian and I chose to put time into creating specific elements for our wedding. I made my veils, my beaded headpiece, my bridal sash, and my headpieces for my bridesmaids. Christian was born into a historic Black Indian tribe so it was important for both of us to include a “Black Indian Ceremony”, in which we sang and danced to a call and response chant after the brass band played. We both came out in full regalia that he and I worked on for months with the help of his mother and aunt.

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