Bride: Jamila Goodman

Groom: Gary Goodman

Wedding Date: 06/01/2013

Photography: Keith Cephus 

Make-up: Playing In Paint

Venue: Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

The bride on her special day: 

Our wedding theme was "Legacy of Love." Family is the foundation of who we are so we really wanted to celebrate the bond of two families coming together in love to celebrate a new generation and a new legacy! Our website featured a family tree for each of us to show our lineage. We wanted to go for a vintage yet personal theme, but also something sexy and FUN!

The colors we incorporated into the wedding were various shades of gold, ivory, bronze; something to capture the vintage/legacy feel. We used red as an accent to capture the love aspect of the theme. We wanted the ceremony to be all white with the exception of our red carpet, while the reception was more romantic and dramatic with heavy gold and red.

As a bride I wanted no parts of a princess gown, tiara or an updo! Ironically, I did not want to look like a bride, no lace, intricate beading or pearls. I wanted a red carpet gown, and preferably gold. When shopping for my dress I imagined if I could picture the dress on the red carpet. I visited 6 bridal shops and tried on about 40 gowns, from VA to NY. I wanted to look like a sexy, vintage bride. I purchased Ethel, by Vera Wang at Saks Jandel and for a great price too! It wasn't gold but made me feel sexy.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to change for the reception but I decided I couldn't dance in the wedding gown the way I wanted. I ended up purchasing a gold sequin gown with an old Hollywood feel. It was sexy yet elegant. I loved everything about it.

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