Bride: Tamika Gibso, Attorney

Groom: Antonio Brathwaite, Ph.D. Student

Date: 07/15/2013

Photographer: Ashley Scobey, Scobey Photography

Hair/Makeup: Chelsea Hall and LaKesha Quinn

Steel Pan: Henderson Massiah

Ceremony Location: Old Decatur Courthouse on the Square

Portrait Location: Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia

The bride on her special day: 

“The wedding we had in mind was laid back and simple, while still being deeply personal. We had decided a while back that it would be very intimate and had shared this with our parents. Because they knew what we wanted beforehand and they were supportive. It wasn’t too challenging to whittle down the guest list. We often joke that we had about five decisions to make in planning the wedding, and that’s why it took about five weeks to organize everything. By week number three, we were just waiting for the big day to arrive.

It was important that the day feel relaxed and filled with love and familiarity. I’ve practiced before the same judge for more than a year and he gave us a ceremony that felt very ‘us.’ My friend, who introduced us to each other, read my favorite love poem. And we chose a photographer that could bring out the happiness and comfort we feel when we’re together.

Their Wedding Style:

Even though our wedding was small, we wanted to look just as we would have if there had been a ballroom filled with people. I didn’t think about getting a dress that was appropriate for the summer or the size of the wedding. I just wanted the dress that made me feel gorgeous.

The Most Memorable Moment: 

After the ceremony, our pianist played some classic soca music, as well as the Luther Vandross song that I used to walk down the aisle. We had the time of our lives dancing, as it felt like we were being serenaded at our own, private Caribbean party.

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