Bride: C'na Roberts

Groom: Mark Coleman

Wedding Date: 04/01/2012

Location: Hotel Sorella in Houston, TX

Photographer: Carolyn Jones Photography and

Hair: Kristen D. Smith

Makeup: Rae Michelle of

The bride on her special day:

"The planning process for my wedding was pretty simple. Being a wedding photographer, I have seen my fair share of weddings and I had a good idea of what I wanted from the start. Honestly, the hardest part was locking down a venue and once that was done, everything fell into place.

"Mark wanted a venue that was modern and bright with natural sunlight, and I wanted something different and out of the box of the weddings that I had previously attended. Hotel Sorella was perfect for us! Sorella embodied everything that we were looking for; the staff was excellent and the food was outstanding!

"Since the venue was beautiful, I really did not have to over do it on the decor. The theme for the wedding was Romantically Chic, and we kicked of the ceremony with a candle wall as the set up for the alter with low lighting.

"We did not want huge centerpieces in the center of the tables where people have to look around it to see the person on the other side. The all-white floral center pieces with the white candles at different heights set the tone of the reception and complimented the white candle wall that was used during the ceremony.

"Mark was born in Jamaica, so our engagement party was Jamaican-themed. For the wedding, we made sure a good mix of reggae music was played and the bridal party entered on our song, "Is This Love" by Bob Marley.

"Our DJ, Flash Gordon Parks, had the reception jamming, and everyone danced and had a great time. Our wedding was everything we could have ever dreamed and more.

"The most memorable part of the wedding was walking down to my groom with Chrisette Michele's 'Golden' playing in the background, seeing my groom smile ear to ear. It was exactly how I dreamed it would be: he would be cheesing and I would be crying because I was so happy!"

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