Bride: Candace Brantley, Administrator

Groom: Kadarryl Simmons, Civil Engineer

Wedding Date: 6/29/2013

Wedding Venue: Cahaba Grand Conference Center Birmingham, AL

Photographer: Elle Danielle 

The bride on her special day: 

“I've always known exactly how I wanted my wedding to be. The colors were already in place, so all there was left to do was plan. My mom does coordinating for weddings, so you can just imagine the fun we had planning my own. The only challenge was getting my husband to accept the fact that no red was going to be incorporated. Red is a part of his fraternity colors, Kappa Alpha Psi. But after he accepted that, everything went well and as planned.”

Her Wedding Style:

“Shopping for my wedding gown went by faster than I thought it would. I only went to two stores. The second store I went to, Carriage House Weddings, was where I found her. Her name is Wendy and her designer is Rivini. She was hanging up in the window, and right when I saw her, I knew she was the one for me. It was love at first sight. I didn't care what the price was, all I knew was that she had to be mine!”

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