Bride:  Kat Noel-Wokoma

Groom:  Tonye Wokoma

Date of Wedding: 08/31/2013

Location: Tierra Retreat Center – Leavenworth, WA

Photographer:   Holly Arie

The bride on their wedding style:

I called my wedding style “afro, earth, glam”. I wanted it to represent some of the layers of who I am. My ceremony dress is from Adrienne’s Bridal in Manhattan. It was the fourth dressed I tried on and when both my sister and the boutiques owner, Maryann Greco, gasped, I knew it was the one. The dress was 100% silk with a plunging back, asymmetrical strap and slight mermaid fit. Maryann was a miracle worker! Three weeks before the wedding, I experienced a horrible bike accident that left me with a fractured ankle. I ended up having to wear a walking boot. Maryann worked her magic and somehow the boot wasn’t visible at all under my ceremony dress. My reception outfit was made by Andrea Pitter an incredible NY-based designer of her own bridal line, Pantora. We both collaborated on a reception look that incorporated Guinea brocade fabric and sex appeal. Working with Andrea was a dream! She even gifted me a pair gf gorgeous earrings that she made herself and I ended wearing for our wedding. I was absolutely IN LOVE with both dresses! I felt gorgeous! My favorite wedding accessory, was my bouquet. I’m not that into flowers but I definitely wanted something to hold while walking down the aisle that represented our love story. One night, I randomly thought up the idea of having a bouquet made out of paper, with old letters and Gchat conversations between me and Tonye. I searched on Etsy and found Katie Antonson, a paper flower maker who owns Lille Syster. Without ever meeting in person, Katie was able to create my vision. The bouquet is made out of archival paper and will last forever, jus tike our love.

Their Incorporation of Culture

My family is from Haiti and they have Christian, Western traditions. Tonye’s father is Nigerian and his mother is African-American and adheres to West African traditions. We wanted to infuse our wedding celebration with both of our backgrounds. For example, our guest were lead to the ceremony space by Senegalese drummers and my mother prepared stewed goat for the reception.

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