The woman who blew the whistle on the prostitute patronizing Secret Service members is a Black woman. Paula Reid, 46, was one of the dozens of agents sent to Colombia to prepare for President Obama’s trip in April. Already a leader in the agency, the Miami-based agent was staying at another hotel but came to Hotel Caribe (where the other agents were staying) in the morning, finding her fellow agents in an “egregious” screaming match over paying prostitutes—some of whom were underage.

Reid, a 21-year veteran, said, “despite this current challenge facing the Secret Service, my job is to keep Miami personnel focused on our core protective and investigative missions. Anything less is counterproductive to the many critical functions we perform each day.” Although she may face backlash and resentment at her job, she certainly has admirers who believe she will continue to speak up. “[She’s] the epitome of what a female agent should be,” a colleague of her’s told The Washington Post.