A Black woman was peacefully resting when she woke up to a series of hateful, racist messages at her family’s southern Indiana home. Campbellsburg resident Mia Frias-Russell owns the first home you see on Highway 60, and Wednesday morning, she no longer felt welcome.

“I was just shaking and in so much fear of who could of done it and why,” Frias-Russell told, WDRB.

Profanity and the n-word stained her shed and her car. Frias-Russell, who is of Cuban and African American descent, says sugar was also poured in her tank.

For the past five weeks life has been rough for the single mother of three. Frias-Russell said she has been verbally assaulted and blames it on a custody battle.

“I have been getting yelled ‘N*****’ ‘B****’ out here mowing the grass several times.”

Frias-Russell said a private detective recently came to town and spread stories to her neighbors.

“That I am a drug user, drug abuser …that I’m a dangerous person, and none of those things are facts,” she said. “I truly believe … it’s gotten around to the wrong ignorant person, and this is what happened.”

Indiana State Police are treating the vandalism as a hate crime. It’s a very disturbing situation, obviously,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Jerry Goodin. “Either the person responsible for this is a child or an adult with a child-like mentality. We’re taking it very seriously.”

Frias-Russell took to Facebook Live to show what happened to her. The video has been viewed more than 5 million times. Watch Frias-Russell’s immediate reaction to the madness below.