Research shows that Black gun ownership has risen significantly since Election Day and the National African American Gun Association doubled its membership in just a few short months thanks to a surge in purchases from Black women.

A Detroit firearms instructor, Robert Ector, spoke with Fox News about this sudden trend.

“Minority women are definitely increasing in numbers,” he said. “Women overall — in particular, minority women — are looking towards guns to protect themselves against crime.”

Black conservative columnist, Stacey Washington, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, echoed those same sentiments.

“I believe the reason we’re seeing more women of color joining this movement to use firearms is because they’re realizing this in not a political issue,” she said. “It really never has been. It’s about personal safety and protection.”

Washington went on to say, “a firearm is an equalizer for women because women have a harder time defending themselves when they’re attacked by a man; men have more body mass.”

Women protecting themselves against potential dangers is always something to think about and consider when you’re going out or if you’re in an unfamiliar environment.

Ector thinks the spike in women owning guns is due to the issue of rape in Michigan. He says women make up half the classes he teaches.

According to Niecee X, a founder of the Black Women’s Defense Fund, Black women are purchasing more guns because of the threat of political harm.

She says now that President Trump is in office, “a lot of people are feeling unsafe.”