Black life isn't consumed by the pursuit racial justice. We continue to build, grow and love in the midst of it all. We're still multifaceted, emotional and sexual beings, often curious about how to maximize our sexual experiences. The field of sexuality is a vast community filled with content creators, researchers, therapists, practitioners and sex educators who have a passion for liberating the world from sexual shame.  A quick Google search will lead you to think industry is only filled with white folk who appear to be gatekeepers of sexual knowledge, but there are more opinions, identities and perspectives.

Black women and non-binary femmes are major forces driving sexual liberation for people of the African diaspora across the globe.  There are countless Black women doing their thing in the field of sex, and these educators are paving the way for sexual healing for Black people for decades to come.  Check out these five fierce femmes doing it big in the name of sexuality.

DEVI WARD ERICKSON @Deviwardtantra

Devi Ward Erickson is the founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, the only government accredited tantra school in the world, and the creator of the healing modality Authentic Tantra™.  She has been practicing and teaching eastern mindfulness techniques for more 20 years with a special emphasis on Tibetan Buddhism for the past 14.  Devi is bringing enlightenment to the world through the medicine that lineage based tantra provides, and has certified 50+ practitioners in the Authentic Tantra™ modality,  leading the way in ethical, healing tantra practice.  Devi is the host of Sex Is Medicine podcast and has been featured on VH1 and a host of other outlets and live events.

MARLA RENEE STEWART @1marlastewart

Sexologist, author and educator Marla Renee Stewart is a veteran in the field of sexuality with 20+ years experience in empowering people from all walks of life, and working as an innovator with several organizations. She is the founder of Velvet Lips Sex Ed, a sex positive organization that provides coaching, education and event planning to better love lives, and she is the host of Love Tips Radio.  Marla is the co founder of the Sex Down South Conference, an inclusive con hosted in Atlanta  that features sex education workshops taught by presenters from around the world. SDS Con is the first of its kind and is in its 7th year running in September 2021.

DR. RACHAEL ROSS @drrachael

Instagram/Rachel Ross

Dr. Rachael Ross is known widely for her time contributing as a cohost to the Emmy award winning daytime talk show The Doctors for three consecutive seasons.  Her work in sexuality, however, is just as impactful and is shaping the face of sexuality education practice across the globe. She is the founder of The Dr. Rachael Institute, a virtual accreditation program providing certifications for sex coaches, love coaches and master sexperts worldwide. Ross’s program is one of the few of its kind, and the only program spearheaded by a black woman within the field of sexuality. Her ground breaking discussions about sex, abstinence, relationships, vaccine safety and HIV/AIDS prevention have been spread to audiences across the world via television, social media and numerous publications, and she continues to serve the public as a family medicine physician.

ERICKA HART @ihartericka

courtesy of Keep-A-Breast Foundation

Erika Hart began to rise in virality on social media after showing up to the Afro Punk festival topless showing her scars from her double mastectomy.  She has since become a face for breast cancer survival and a major voice in the movement to include people of the African diaspora in sexual health conversations.  Hart is a sex educator, activist and former adjuct professor at Columbia University who taught sex education.  She has used her knowledge and voice to educate a variety of audiences from elementary age children to adults, and continues to represent for the QTPOC community through her activism and educational work.

AFROSEXOLOGY @afrosexology_


There aren’t many spaces online where Black people can gather safely while knowing they are catered to completely in sexual health.  This is where the community Afrosexology comes in.  Created by the dynamic duo Dalychia and Rafaella,organization aims to dismantle oppression through discussing and discovering Black sexuality, relationships and identity.  The content and classes focuses on helping Black people claim their bodies as unique, progressing and sexual, leading to empowerment and liberation.  Afrosexology has been featured on several platforms and publications across the internet and has been featured at the Sex Down South Conference as well as several virtual conferences online.