A survey released by The Black Youth Project is providing a closer look at the political sentiments of African-American millennials.

The GenForward survey, released by the organization in conjunction with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, also highlights significant racial and ethnic differences in young people’s experiences with the police and their attitudes towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the research, young whites tend to believe Donald Trump would better deal with undocumented immigrants while African-Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos are more likely to say Hillary Clinton would better handle such immigrants.

In contrast to this split, majorities of all racial and ethnic groups support policies that provide opportunities for immigrants to become citizens. There is mixed support for temporarily banning immigrants from areas of the world with a history of terrorism from entering the U.S.

“Young people are supportive of a number of pro-immigration policies,” Black Youth Project Founder Cathy Cohen said in a release announcing the survey. “At least 7 in 10 young people of all races and ethnicities support a range of policies to help immigrants stay in the country legally. But there are real differences by race and ethnicity when it comes to other policies like employer verification of citizenship status or increasing spending on border patrol.”

The survey also explored young peoples’ sentiments when it comes to interactions with police. African-Americans are more likely to report having been arrested or harassed by members of law enforcement than any other group. Whites are less likely than any other young adults to think the killing of Black Americans by the police is part of a larger pattern or a very serious problem for the country.

African-Americans are also less likely than other young people to trust the police to do what is right or believe the police in their neighborhood are there to protect them, according to the survey.

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