Can we just start by saying that Blair Underwood is fiiiiiiiiine? The accomplished actor damn near caused a commotion when he recently stopped by our Chicago office to talk to our Vice President, Head of Digital Editorial, Kyra Kyles.

Though Underwood is working on a number of projects, including a story arc on The Good Wife and this yet-to-be-titled ABC pilot, he also joined forces with Deborah Riley Draper for what looks to be a moving, highly insightful film about the 18 Black Olympians who traveled to Nazi Germany to compete in 1936. It’s a story that has most often been looked at through the perspective of icon Jesse Owens, but this re-telling focuses on the 17 other unsung heroes of this pivotal period.  Underwood is narrating this soon-to-be #staywoke classic as you can witness HERE.

“Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” is still in the works, per Riley Draper (the mind behind this documentary), but we figured we’d let you watch as Underwood offers you some insider information. Bonus: The talented actor spills on whether or not he’d be down for a Law & Order reboot because you know we had to ask.