On Friday, NBA player Blake Griffin and his ex-fiancee, Brynn Cameron, denied reports claiming he was ordered to fork over $258,000 in child support per month. In a statement to the Detroit Free Press, reps for both parties involved said, “The recent reports of the financial details of the child support agreement between Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron are inaccurate.”

Griffin and Cameron have two young children together, a son, Ford; and a daughter, Finley. The former couple called it quits last year after Cameron claimed the Detroit Piston forward kicked her out of his home to pursue a relationship with Kendall Jenner. Cameron went on to sue him for palimony, and the pair had also been involved in a paternity case.

However, they have come to an agreement. “Both sides have settled amicably and are moving forward with co-parenting their two children,” the statement said. No details were given on the amount of child support Griffin would be paying, but according to TMZ, the amount is $32,000/month.

The co-parents share joint legal and physical custody of their kids. They have also allegedly worked out a plan to come to mutual agreements regarding school and other expenses; Griffin will dish out the money for recreational activities.

The baller is entering the second year of his five-year, $171 million contract with the Pistons.