EBONY celebrates extraordinary bloggers on the rise. This month’s feature belongs to Levi’s CURVE ID Ambassador Jessie Adore!

Name: Jessie Adore

Age: 25

City/State: Harlem, NY

Blog: JessieAdore.com

EBONY: What moved you to start your blog AdoreDAILY? What message would you want readers to take away from it?

Jessie Adore: It was actually an assignment in college. One of my art professors checked the status of our work by having us post progress as entries on a blog, as opposed to having us bring in pieces of a project. Since I’d already gotten into the habit of posting, I decided to treat it as a sort of public diary full of all my interests. In everything I do, I try to promote intellectual and creative freedom. I hope that is reflected to some degree via AdoreDAILY.

EBONY: Did you always have a love for fashion or was it something that came with time?

JA:  I’ve always had a love for fashion, but my style itself certainly evolved. I used to be very grunge and tomboyish (which I still definitely have my moments of) but as I’ve matured, I embrace being a lady much more.

EBONY: Your style is varied and eclectic, can you tell us what your favorite fashion decade is?

JA: Definitely 1930’s Harlem!

EBONY: You’re now a Levi’s Curve ID Ambassador. How did this opportunity come about?

JA: Yes! And it’s been an amazing partnership. I was actually approached by FabSugar to participate in the campaign, and we’ve just continued to grow with one another season after season.

EBONY: Who are the people (in your personal life, or otherwise) who influence your style aesthetic the most?

JA: I’m in the privileged position of being surrounded by so many original and stylish people. I’d say my best friend Kadeem of kjohnlasoul.com may have the most direct influence, if anyone does. As well as my friend singer-songwriter Ronnie James. I think they both speak to my inner grungy/tough-girl/tomboy, and I notice when I’m around them for high concentrated amounts of time, I revert to that version of myself. *laughs*

EBONY: You scour through thrift stores like many modern girls today, what has been your greatest find?

JA: I’ve had so many great finds, I think a beaded Oscar de la Renta dress I found a couple of months ago may win.

EBONY: If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which store would you choose?

JA: Barney’s Co-op!

EBONY: What’s the go-to piece in your closet that finishes off any outfit with perfection?

JA: Any of my jewelry. I have a thing for gaudy jewelry and usually go to those to finish off a look.

EBONY: Your hair deserves a blog of its own. Can you describe your maintenance regimen? Which products do you love the most?

JA: Thanks! My regimen is really simple: I focus on cleansing and moisturizing. I’m not into hair fussiness. I concoct my own moisturizers and conditioners. Biotin, the vitamin works wonders for my hair, skin and nail health as well. Whenever I notice issues or any kind of deficiencies, that’s what I reach for.

EBONY: If your style had a song, what would it sing?

JA: “You’re the Kind of Girl” by Lee Fields!