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To Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap, Help Entrepreneurs of Color Own Property

The Biden administration has focused on homeownership in its attempts to address U.S. racial wealth disparities. There’s another kind of real estate that can help build wealth for small business owners.

What Happens to #BlackTwitter When Musk Takes Over?

Black Twitter users are worried that Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover will open the floodgates to harassment.

Tulsa Massacre Survivors Are One Step Closer to Reparations

A lawsuit filed by the last three living survivors of the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 will move forward, signaling a marked shift from years of silence regarding the attack.

Why It Took 233 Years to Get the First Black Female Supreme Court Nominee

Black women make up less than 5% of first-year law students, and attrition rates among Black and Latino attorneys are almost three times that of their White peers.

In Battles With GOP Senators, Jackson Sees Similar Hurdles as Previous Minorities

Research shows that female candidates often face more interruptions, as do candidates of color.

Biden Administration Takes on Racial Disparities in Home Valuations

Federal agencies plan to hold industry players more accountable for bias in appraising homes owned by people of color.

Serena Williams’s Venture Capital Fund Raises $111 Million

Tennis great Serena Williams has raised $111 million for an early stage venture capital fund with a focus on diversity, the firm said Tuesday.

Federal Legislation Could Tackle the Racial Gap in Home Appraisals

Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants a bill to address discrimination in appraising home values, a decades-long problem that is starting to get broader recognition.

Anita Hill: Jackson Court Pick Shows Struggles ‘Not In Vain’

In an essay, Hill reflected on the significance of the first nomination of a Black woman to the Supreme Court.

NFL Financing Rules Are Holding Back Black Ownership of Teams

Media mogul Byron Allen is looking to buy the Denver Broncos in an auction that could reach $4 billion or more.

Teenage Fentanyl Deaths Are Soaring, and Black Teens Are Hit Hardest

Doctors see victims as young as 14 in emergency rooms

Netflix Grows Number of Black Executives and Women in Workforce

Temporary staffers for film and TV are less diverse, mirroring demographics that continue to dog Hollywood overall.

Medical Debt Is Crushing Black Americans, and Hospitals Aren’t Helping

Billing tactics are inflicting financial harm on patients—and sometimes health-care companies aren’t even aware of their own practices.

Want to Be a Black Finance Star? They’re Building a Mother Ship

When Wall Street executives talk about diversifying an industry that’s still run mostly by White bosses, chances are good they mean recruitment, retention, mentorship or donating jumbo checks.

Community Colleges Face Steep Losses in Black Freshmen Enrollment

As enrollment drops, experts worry about the implications down the line as public two-year degrees often offer a path to better, higher paying jobs.

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Video Series


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