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My Family’s Long-Gone Texas Land Shows How Black Wealth Is Won and Lost

When I searched my ancestral history, I found clues to a legacy of land redistribution.

Four Numbers That Show the Cost of Slavery on Black Wealth Today

Episode 2 of The Pay Check podcast does the math on moments in U.S. history that led to the racial wealth gap.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Starts With the Truth

My family owned slaves. I wanted to know more about that.

Black Women Hold Record Share of S&P 500 Boardroom Seats

An unprecedented number of new Black female directors has helped women gain a record share of boardroom seats at S&P 500 companies this year.

How McDonald’s Made Enemies of Black Franchisees

The company, once celebrated in Black entrepreneurial circles, is settling with Black owners who say they were blocked from the best and most profitable locations.

The Creator of the Viral Black Fetus Illustration Is Selling It as an NFT

A 2018 study found that only 4.5% of images in medical textbooks showcase dark skin tones.

Even in the Metaverse, Not All Identities Are Created Equal

Price differences based on race and gender are emerging among the CryptoPunk NFTs. What do the disparities mean?

U.S. Accuses Whole Foods of Banning Black Lives Matter Masks Inc.’s Whole Foods Market illegally banned employees from wearing “Black Lives Matter” masks and punished workers who did, U.S. labor board prosecutors alleged.

Gain in U.S. Black Employment Shows Progress Toward Fed’s Goal

The November jobs report was arguably good news for the Federal Reserve’s goal to achieve a “broad-based and inclusive” labor market, as prime working-age employment rates for Black and Hispanic Americans narrowed the gap with that for their White counterparts.

Covid Exacerbated Racial Inequities in Health Care. Can Startups Help?

Health in Her Hue aims to provide culturally competent care for Black women and attract more Black doctors.

Landlords Are Less Likely to Reply to Applicants with Black and Latino Names

The largest study of its kind to date found persistent bias against non-White renters.

Black People in German Survey Report ‘Extensive’ Discrimination

Black people living in Germany face pervasive issues with racism and discrimination, according to a survey which marks the first wide-scale effort to tally the community’s experiences.

Video Series

Video Series


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