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Google Quietly Tweaks Image Searches for Racially Diverse Results

Google updated its algorithms in an effort to promote more racially diverse results in image searches -- the tech giant’s latest attempt to excise biases from the world’s most popular search engine.

PNC, Howard University Team Up to Boost Black Business Owners

PNC Financial Services Group Inc.’s charitable foundation announced a $16.8 million grant to Howard University that would establish a center focused on furthering Black entrepreneurship.

Ban on Critical Race Theory in School Draws First Such ACLU Suit

Oklahoma’s ban on classroom discussion of certain theories of race or gender violates the First Amendment’s free-speech guarantee, the American Civil Liberties Union said.

How to Persuade White Lawmakers to Protect Black Hairstyles

In most U.S. states, employers and schools are allowed to discriminate against box braids, locs, and other traditional styles. A coalition of activists and legislators has started to change that.

Ford Foundation’s Walker Says Philanthropy Should Be ‘Uncomfortable’

The foundation president talks about leveraging the capital markets and taking inspiration from James Baldwin and John Lewis to make change.

AT&T Blasted by Congressional Black Caucus for OAN Support

The Congressional Black Caucus urged AT&T Inc. to respond to allegations it is a sponsor of One America News Network, saying the broadcaster is a “far-right, anti-democratic, hatred-peddling organization.”

How Critical Race Theory Became a Political Target

Fights about how to understand America’s racial history are nothing new, and neither are moves by politicians to dictate what schools teach.

Remote Work Has Vastly Improved the Black Worker Experience

A survey finds that Black employees in white collar jobs feel more valued and supported working from home.

Diversity at Elite Law Firms Is So Bad Clients Are Docking Fees

Facebook, HP, Novartis, and other big corporations have found a novel way to pressure outside counsel: threaten their paychecks.

MBA Programs Aren’t Enrolling Enough Black and Hispanic Students

But at some schools that have worked to increase diversity, the results are striking.

‘Things Change Because You Do Things,’ Says Napa’s Only Black Wine CEO

Carlton McCoy, the former wine director of Aspen’s Little Nell, talks about how he has transitioned to running Heitz, an historic cellar.

Walmart Management Promotions for Black Employees Have Slowed

Walmart Inc.’s efforts to increase racial diversity in its senior ranks are wavering, new data on slowing promotion rates for Black workers show.


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