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MBA Programs Aren’t Enrolling Enough Black and Hispanic Students

But at some schools that have worked to increase diversity, the results are striking.

‘Things Change Because You Do Things,’ Says Napa’s Only Black Wine CEO

Carlton McCoy, the former wine director of Aspen’s Little Nell, talks about how he has transitioned to running Heitz, an historic cellar.

Walmart Management Promotions for Black Employees Have Slowed

Walmart Inc.’s efforts to increase racial diversity in its senior ranks are wavering, new data on slowing promotion rates for Black workers show.

Mastercard Juices Rewards for Purchases at LA Black-Owned Shops

Mastercard Inc. is boosting perks for customers who shop at Los Angeles minority-owned businesses during the holiday shopping season as financial companies face pressure to address America’s racial wealth gap.

Jobless Rates From 15 U.S. Cities Show Racial Gap Is Widening

Bloomberg is tracking the economic recovery in minority communities across the country.

Google’s Former AI Ethics Chief Has a Plan to Rethink Big Tech

Timnit Gebru says regulators need to provide whistleblowers working on artificial intelligence with fresh protections backed up by tough enforcement.

Fewer Black, Asian Americans Get Financial Planning Aid: Allianz

Black and Asian Americans are trailing when it comes to getting professional help with their finances, a gap fueled by lack of money and costs, according to a survey by Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America.

Private Equity-Backed Firms Shut Out Black Directors, Data Shows

Private equity-backed companies have shut out Black directors over the last two decades, according to a new report.

Wealthy Black Homes Still Suffer Segregation, Fed Study Says

Some wealthy Black families still live in U.S. neighborhoods with relatively low incomes and high rates of unemployment, suggesting other factors such as housing discrimination are at play, according to a Federal Reserve study.

NBA’s Steph Curry Sees Crypto Providing Access to Opportunity

NBA superstar Steph Curry, who recently entered into a partnership with the fast-growing digital-asset exchange FTX, said he wants to use cryptocurrencies as a socially conscious platform.

Business Schools: MBA Programs Need to Enroll More Black, Hispanic Students

But at some schools that have worked to increase diversity, the results are striking.

Wall Street Moving Slowly on Road to Recruit From Black Colleges

Big banks have made slow progress to recruit from Historically Black Colleges, despite putting up billions of dollars to support racial equity.


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