Tina Lawson is known for bringing humor to Instagram through her infamous corny jokes. Every now and then, she recruits members of her family to share their own jokes. On Monday, she teamed up with her 7-year-old granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter for a special edition of corny joke time.

"It's corny joke time, and I'm here with a very special guest, my beautiful granddaughter," Lawson said. Blue Ivy, who kept her face out of view the camera, waved her hand in front of her grandmother's face to greet Instagram viewers.

She began by asking, “How many lips does a flower have?” After giving her grandmother a few seconds to consider, she said, “two lips.”

Breaking it down for anyone who may not have understood, Blue Ivy explained, “You get it? Because there's a kind of flower that's called a tulip.” Lawson smiled and said, “Oh, I got it. I got it.”


“Corny joke time with A special guest!!❤️,” Lawson captioned the post.

No stranger to telling jokes with her grandmother, Blue Ivy and her mother, Beyoncé, joined in on the fun during a family vacation last summer.


Blue Ivy previously appeared on her Lawson's Instagram reprimanding her for taking video footage when she wasn’t supposed to.