Cissy Houston recently accused her granddaughter of committing incest by dating 22-year-old Nick Gordon. If you didn't already know, Gordon, 22, was taken in by the late Whitney Houston when he was 12-years-old, and has lived with the family ever since. Earlier this week, Bobbi Kristina responded to her grandmother's accusations, reportedly telling friends she doesn't care what her grandmother thinks because Nick isn't her blood brother. 

Despite reports that the two grew up calling each other brother and sister, they obviously don't feel that should hold them back from reportedly being engaged. The 19-year-old recently announced her plans to enter into the music industry, saying, "I have to carry on the legacy." Houston's only child now resides in the star's Georgia mansion. 

​This situation seems to be clouded in all types of gray, but it still begs the question: Who's right, Cissy or Bobbi Kristina?