It's important that we give trailblazers in our community flowers while they can still receive them, and Bobby Brown most definitely deserves his. Last month, a special documentary on the provocative R&B entertainer's life premiered on A&E. Through the show, we catch a glimpse of Brown's world through his own eyes while appreciating the significant strides that he's made throughout his three-decade career.

EBONY correspondent Yonathan Elias sat down with the music legend and his wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown to discuss their reflections on A&E's new documentary Biography: Bobby Brown and their family's new reality show Bobby Brown: Every Little Step, which gives us a sneak peek into the Brown household through their triumph and travails of raising a family, balancing a music career and maintaining Bobby's sobriety and mental and physical health.

"I needed to get things out. I needed to get things off my chest so that I can move on with life. It was very therapeutic for me to be able to release all of what I was holding in down in my system," said Brown about the documentary.

Check out the video interview below:

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