In the span of a few hours Monday afternoon, Bobby Brown was arrested and released on bail for driving under the influence. The singer was originally pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for being on his cellphone, but was then asked to take a sobriety test proving he had consumed alcohol. According to police, Brown was arrested without incident, fully cooperated with officers, and had no illegal substances in his vehicle. The arrest comes four days after the Los Angeles County coroner's office released the results of its autopsy on Brown's ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

Houston drowned in a hotel bathtub after an apparent heart attack, with cocaine as contributing factor, according to L.A. County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey. Although the couple divorced five years ago, Brown has often been blamed for Houston’s addiction to cocaine. Officials have not said how much cocaine was found in her system, but toxicology findings "suggested chronic usage" of the drug.

Is it time for Bobby to have an intervention before we lose him as well?