Bobby Brown sat down at his Atlanta studio, Bosstown, in 1993 for an exclusive chat with interviewer Elliott Francis for the EBONY/JET Showcase television show. The R&B bad boy stated that he took the time between his albums Don’t Be Cruel and Bobby to fall in love with Whitney Houston, his wife at the time.

“I wanted to come out with an album a lot sooner,” Brown said. “I took my time and spent a lot of time with my children. I spent a lot of time falling in love with my wife, with my family and taking care of my business.”

He expressed his excitement about Houston’s pregnancy with their daughter, whom he revealed would be named Bobbi.

Brown also spoke about how difficult it was to record “Something in Common,” a duet with Houston that appeared on his third studio album. He said his fascination with her left him unable to watch her sing.

The “My Prerogative” singer recently came back into the spotlight because of the BET premiere of his biopic, The Bobby Brown Story, in which it was revealed he had a relationship with Janet Jackson at the height of his solo career.

Watch the vintage video above.