Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown Muhammad, is calling out BET over their latest mini-series, The Bobby Brown Story, saying Brown’s second wife and executive producer, Alicia Etheridge-Brown, is responsible for several lies within the film.

Leolah took to Facebook to air her grievances, saying Alicia never knew their family well enough to include them in the story.

“How the hell they gon do a movie about my brother Bobby Brown which includes his siblings and his so called wife (Alicia) is one of the dam producers???!!!!??? REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Someone who doesn’t even dam know us.. CAME VERY LATE!..And truth be really dam told-WASN’T even dam around us like this movie is dam LYING saying she was!! A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT FOR REAL I’M SORRY I’M TIRED ENOUGH! SMH. I don seen ENOUGH and too many dam lies already! That’s it! Enough is enough already! BOBBY PLEASE WAKE UP! SMH!”

Brown’s sibling continued to call out the movie, saying she’s now looking to make a more accurate flick of her own.

“I’m looking for “producers” and “directors” right now to do the rightful movie! And not just ONE movie. I’m talking several! And I promise you they will be REAL & TRUE! And I don’t care if they are new to the industry! Key is, were going to make sure that the movie is telling the dam truth! And it will be so much BETTER anyways telling the dam truth! Why LIE???? Could of gotten a way better movie BY TELLING THE TRUTH! SMH…”

Read the rest of her critique of the movie below.