While most could have guessed this, it has been confirmed that Whitney Houston has left her 19 year-old daughter Bobby Kristina with everything in her name, according to reports. Although specific assets were not mentioned, Bobby Kristina will be receiving Houston's clothing, jewelry, cars, furnishings, and all personal items. Houston's will states that all the aforementioned items be left to her surviving children, and Bobby Kristina was her only child. As for the international pop star's money, it will be put into a trust and given to Bobby Kristina incrementally at age 21, 25, and the balance at 30. The young woman will be able to use the money for purposes such as buying a house, stating a business, and paying for tuition. The will was filed in Atlanta this Wednesday. 

It is no surprise who Houston left all of her worldly possessions to. While Bobby Kristina mourns the devastating lost of her mother, this great sign of love and protection should serve as a reminder of how much the singer loved her daughter. For Bobby Kristina's sake, we hope she has the right set of eyes and hands on her money at all times, remaining vigilant against the vultures that always seem to come whenever someone comes into a large sum of money. 

Was Houston right in leaving everything to Bobby Kristina? Did we see this coming, or was there someone else that Houston should have also considered in her will?