Authorities released footage on March 29 of the fatal shooting at a Taco Bell in California of up and coming rapper Willie McCoy.

McCoy, 20, was shot 25 times by cops in Vallejo while in his car on Feb. 9. The police said the rapper had a gun, which caused them to fear for their safety. Throughout the bodycam audio, the officers are calm as they assessed the car for nearly five minutes.

McCoy did have a firearm on his lap but it was not in view from the angle of the camera. Even after spotting the weapon, officers did not try to wake the man. Instead, they stood with guns drawn and observed him as he slept. One officer noted that the magazine was not loaded, which means at most, the rapper could have fired one shot.

“He’s only got one shot if he shoots,” the cop said.

“If he reaches for it, you know what to do,” another officer said, seemingly planning to fire at McCoy.

Four officers then opened fired when McCoy, who still did not appear to notice the officers near his car, began to scratch his shoulder. Two additional officers pulled up to the scene and immediately began shooting as backup.

When the shooting was over and with their firearms still in the air, they shouted, “Let me see your hands! Put your hands up!”

The footage appeared to be consistent with claims made by McCoy's family, who watched the video in March. They said the man was “executed” by Vallejo police and was not awake until moments right before the shooting began.

McCoy’s older brother, Marc, told the Guardian that though the video was released to the public, he did not feel justice would be served.

There’s a thousand videos on YouTube that show police misconduct, whether it’s beatings of citizens or killing them,” he said. “It gets dismissed … The Vallejo police saw the video, and they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it or that the officers did anything criminal.”

Marc added, “They were never trying to be peaceful or de-escalate the situation. It’s about being rough and tough.”

According to reports, one of the cops involved was previously sued in a police brutality case. Another one also shot and killed an unarmed man in 2018 and is facing an excessive force lawsuit.

The graphic video can be seen below.