Bolden, an upcoming drama directed by Dan Pritzker, will put a spotlight on the cornetist and bandleader Buddy Bolden, an unsung American hero who is credited with inventing jazz.

The film stars Gary Carr as the complicated musical genius and co-stars Erik LaRay Harvey, Yaya DaCosta, Ian McShane and Michael Rooker.

The screenplay was written by Pritzker and David N. Rothschild. There is little biographical information about Bolden, so the film imagines the cultural, social and political framework that would result in the musician developing the jazz sound.

Although no full-length recordings of Bolden’s music have been found, what is known about his background and the way he played was passed down through word of mouth. Wynton Marsalis used that knowledge to write, arrange and perform the original music for the 108-minute film.

Bolden tells the powerful and tragic story of a musician with a nearly forgotten legacy. It will be released nationwide on May 3.

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