Sports analyst Bomani Jones, star of #TheRightTime‬ ‬podcast on iTunes, has the world aflame this morning since his debut of a “Caucasians” t-shirt on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show. In essence, he seems to be asking: How’s it feel to be a mascot? Jones’ shirt is modeled after sports mascot logo t-shirts referencing Native Americans. Think: the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Redskins. Except in Jones case, the face on the shirt is a white one with exaggerated facial features.

This issue is not new. Many Native Americans–and their supporters–have long asked for their tribes or general racial slurs referring to them to be removed from American sports mascot status. In 2013, the Washington football organization came under new fire as it staunchly decided to hold to a name that is largely a slur against native people.

Pro-slur folks wasted no time invading Jones’ Twitter timeline, accusing him of race baiting and informing him of the reason why the Cleveland team is named Indians. Meanwhile, many have asked that team to retire their big-faced, racist logo.

But really, who is the true race baiter here?