Patti LaBelle’s concert in Wisconsin came to an abrupt end after a bomb threat forced all attendees to evacuate the venue, reports the Associated Press.

On Saturday night, after just performing a few songs of her Christmas set at the Riverside Theater in Wisconsin, two security officers interrupted the legendary singer while she was speaking with one of the members of the audience. After LaBelle was escorted off the stage, it was announced that everyone had to vacate the premises because of a bomb threat.

Catherine Brunson, who captured the footage of the evacuation on her Facebook Live, said the concert ended around 9:24 p.m.

“We came out and police had the block taped off. ... A whole lot of people were pretty upset. ... It’s scary,” Brunson recalled.

Scott Pierce, who was also at the show, said everyone exited the theater in a calm manner but it’s “just sad that someone does this.”

In a statement early Sunday morning, Milwaukee Police Capt. Warren Allen Jr. said that K9 units searched the venue and no explosive devices were found.

As of Monday, LaBelle has not issued a statement addressing the incident.

Pabst Theater Group, the operator of the Riverside Theater, said it would work with LaBelle to reschedule the show for a date in the near future.