Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker are the epitome of couple-goals. With 17 years of marriage under their belt, two teenagers, and thriving careers in entertainment, it’s easy to wonder “how do they do it all?” The power couple met on the set of Soul Food, 20 years ago and later married in 2005. While they’ve been inseparable since, they now split their time between New York and Los Angeles, while working on their independent projects – Ari Parker is gearing up for a second season of HBO’s And Just Like That, while Boris is filming for season 6 of ABC’s Station 19. Throughout the chaos, they still find time to keep the intimacy in their relationship, and the focus on their family. 

For their next act, the dynamic duo has teamed up with Microban 24 and Bounty to showcase how easy it is to simplify the daily cleaning routine when life and parenting keeps them busy. EBONY chatted with the couple about how they balance their busy careers and raising a family, while keeping the spark in their marriage for nearly two decades.

EBONY: How would you describe each of your roles at home? Is one of you a better cook, the other better at organizing? Or do you trade off?

Nicole Ari Parker (NP): We both can cook but Boris is the breakfast KING and I love making big Sunday and Holiday dinners.

What inspired you to partner with Bounty and Microban 24? What was it about the brands that you connected with?

Boris Kodjoe (BK): Between our busy careers, traveling, and living with two teenagers, and two dogs, things were becoming a little messy. Bounty and Microban24 reached out at the perfect time because we were looking for a quick and easy cleaning routine. With both products, we can keep our hard surfaces clean and it’s so simple. Just spray Microban 24, wipe with Bounty to pick up everyday messes and spills, spray Microban 24 again to disinfect and then walk away. That’s it. We love knowing that we’re putting down an extra layer of protection on our surfaces – whether we’re at home or on set.

17 years of marriage, raising two children— that’s no easy feat! Did you find that you had to sacrifice anything about yourself personally, or your lifestyle to keep your marriage strong?

BK: Married, two kids, two dogs, two careers...we cry everyday! But seriously, we really try not to look at it as a sacrifice but more as ‘wow this is hard but it's so good, let's do this…’. It's challenging to build and enjoy a life with someone but we want to do it.

What are your tried-and-true tips for keeping the fire alive in your relationship throughout all of the chaos?

BK: Kissing for no reason, surprise daycations, spiritual check-ins.

What’s your special place as a couple? Somewhere that’s meaningful to you both where you can go to reconnect and recharge?

AP: At home, our bedroom was re-designed by our friend the incredible Nikki Chu, so it feels like a sanctuary now and not just a place to pass out after a long day.

You two have set the bar for finding and maintaining a loving partnership — as your kids are maturing into young adults, what advice do you give them for dating and finding partnership?

BK: There is no dating.

NP: Haha! Just be cool with it all, go slow, get to know them, listen, speak up if you feel weird or uncomfortable, have fun, go outside not in front a tv all day or on your phone snapping/texting, be safe and tell me if they do something messed up so I can call their Mama.