Many fans were sending Bow Wow words of encouragement earlier today (April 24) after the rapper sent out a cryptic message on Twitter. “Feel like jumping off this balcony,” the 31-year-old wrote.

A fan responded to Bow’s tweet saying, “Don’t do it think of yr moms and beautiful daughter I’m sure what eva [sic] is bothering you will get better.” Realizing that people took the message the wrong way, the actor responded in a now-deleted tweet assuring fans he would not harm himself. “No I’m not gone do nothing. It was just a figure of speech. I woke up to bad news,” he wrote. After posting this message, Bow Wow went to Instagram to subliminally address the bad news he woke up to without going into detail of the issue.

Fans are not overreacting considering Bow Wow has previously spoken about his suicidal thoughts. The rapper is naming his upcoming album EDICIUS, which is suicide spelled backwards, and on his forthcoming mixtape, Greenlight 6, he has a track titled “Death (I Want to Die).”