The 9-year-old Black boy who was accused of sexually harassing a White woman at a convenience store in New York last week doesn’t accept her apology.

Jeremiah Hervey spoke at a community meeting on Tuesday about being falsely accused and shared the message that “friendship is really the key,” but told reporters that the lady needs help.

“I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help,” Jeremiah told WABC.

Teresa Klein, dubbed by the internet as “Cornerstore Caroline,” called the cops on the child after she thought he groped her. Surveillance video released a day later showed that Jeremiah walked past Klein, but that it was his backpack that grazed her.

“White lady calling the cops on a Black lady, I get it,” she said in the first video. “The son grabbed my a** and she decided to yell at me.”

Klein returned to the convenience store and watched the surveillance video that proved the boy’s innocence.

“Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry,” she said.

Jason Littlejohn, who took the video and posted it on his Facebook page, wrote that he plans to make a movement out of the incident.

“We’re going to stop people — I will say, people — from dialing 911 unnecessarily. … It’s gotta stop, people. … We will not let this continue to happen.”