A video of a 10-year-old boy asking his stepdad to officially adopt him has gone viral.

In it, the boy reads a touching letter on his birthday that pays tribute to his stepdad for always being there for him.

“I know today is supposed to be all about me, but today is really about us,” the boy states in the video. “I’m so glad now that I’ve learned so much from you. I asked mom, ‘What’s the difference between a stepdad and a real dad?’ Cuz I don’t get it sometimes…you have been here for everything.”

The video was posted on Facebook by the boy’s mother, Porche Williamson, who proudly documented the moment for the world to see.

“My son asked my husband if he can adopt him!!!,” she exclaimed in the caption. “I swear this was one of the best moments since we’ve been together. Thanks for always loving him unconditionally and treating him as yours from the beginning!! Us against the world!!! Forever and always!! Let’s make it official!!!”

When asked if he would “make it official” and adopt the child as his son, Brandon Williamson broke down in tears and warmly embraced his soon-to-be son.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below.