Atlanta-based accessory designer Antoine Manning came up with his vegan handbag line during the height of the pandemic. He sketched his first bag while doodling mindlessly, and was pleasantly pleased with the results. Inspired, he decided to launch a full collection.With a background in painting, the designer wanted to create something that was colorful and lively as he is a color enthusiast. Each bag and colorway means something different: the green mini bag, which retails for $150, represents tranquility; the orange mini bag, also priced at $150, is meant to evoke vitality: and the lavender classic bag, retailing for $275, is intended to represent abundance.

The bags are available to purchase on, a site dedicated to highlighting Black-owned brands, with the green "Tranquil" mini bag exclusive to the site and 20% of its sales being reinvested back into the Black community.

Homage Year Tranquil Minibag, $150,

Homage Year Abundance Bag, $275,
Homage Year Vitality Minibag, $150,