Bravo reality TV star Brooklyn Tankard, became a part of virtual reality history during New York Fashion Week this past February. The grammy nominated singer-songwriter, participated in the first ever Virtual Reality fashion show, as fashion production company FTL Moda teamed up with Samsung for the latest display of “fashion tech,” according to a press release.

Tankard hit the red carpet where she conducted interviews and rubbed elbows with some of the top international designers during the show, titled “Dreaming of Italy.” Through the virtual reality headsets, the footage in 360-digital can be seen of models strolling through a castle in Milan, giving users the feeling that they are right there in the show.

The reality star shared her virtual reality experience in video on Instagram here, watch below:

During the show, Tankard was able to talk with leading Israeli bridal couture designer, Limor Ben Yosef, who designs a multitude of wedding gowns along with German streetwear designer Sonja Tafelmeier, Indian eco-friendly brand Premal Bediani and Invicta, an accessories brand with a 110-year history.

“I literally felt like I was sitting in the castle in Milan watching the gorgeous models strut couture designs down the runway,” Tankard says in an Instagram post. “Not only was it the coolest visual technology I’ve ever seen but the idea to merge it with #fashion was genius! Special Thanks to the producer @ilarianiccolini for inviting me to be a part of this amazing production. It was so much fun interviewing the couture designers, mingling with great people and bonding with the amazing production team!”

This debut of virtual reality fashion shows could set a precedence of how some shows are presented in the future. Designers may prefer the virtual reality component to give users the 3-dimensional experience of their clothing. Only time will tell.