A yellow fever epidemic has swept across Brazil and impoverished communities have reportedly not been prioritized. One man reportedly lessened the disparities in the public’s access to vaccinations by kidnapping two hospital nurses according to Telesur.

Thomaz Vieira Gomes, a drug distributor known as 2N, recruited members of his gang to assist him in abducting two nurses and taking vaccination tools. Gomes ordered the male workers to provide one neighborhood with inoculations which would protect them from contracting the illness.

In a two-hour period, residents of Salgueiro, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro received their vaccinations. Afterwards, Gomes took the employees back to their workplace. The workers said Gomes and his gang were not violent or aggressive.

Brazil’s former Minister of Environment commended the act as one of public service. On social media, Gomes was being heralded as a “modern-day Robin Hood.”

As of last Wednesday, there have been 98 deaths as a result of the yellow fever epidemic.