Breakout singer-rapper, Azelia Banks, who has been gaining buzz through her many Youtube tracks, has finally revealed which label she will now be calling home. Banks announced the big news to her fans on Twitter:  "God just dealt me a new hand today I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly good hand,"…"I am now officially signed to Universal Music." With viral music videos like "212" and celebrity fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, the 20 year old Harlemite performer comes as a breath of fresh air to an industry lacking diverse woman of color and female MCs. 

Banks had initially been signed to the British independent label XL recordings, but that deal ended unsuccessfully with Banks claiming, "There were a good seven to eight months where I was just sending them texts and no-one would say anything or pick up the phone or respond to my emails. Nothing. And it started to ruin me." Keeping the momentum of her newly found success, Banks will be performing at Coachella and kicking off her UK tour this February. 

Does Banks have what it takes? Does she have a future in an industry that is hard on female rappers, or is she just hipster hype?