A lawyer for Bresha Meadows, the Ohio teen accused of killing her allegedly abusive father, says she has received an outpour of support. Cleveland-based Defense Attorney Ian Friedman said letters have been pouring into his office.

“People are sharing their own similar experiences [with domestic abuse] and telling her to keep her head high,” he told the Huffington Post. “This tragedy has brought out the best in so many people literally across the globe. Their hearts go out to this young girl.”

On July 28, Bresha fatally shot her father, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows, police say. She has been charged with aggravated murder and entered a plea of “not true,” the equivalent to a “not guilty” plea.

Her mother, Brandi Meadows, called Bresha “a hero” after the fatal incident. She said she had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband, and wrote that she was “100 percent sure” Jonathan would kill her and her children if he found them in a protective order filed in 2011. The couple later reconciled.

Love & Protect released a statement in support of the teen. The community-based organization supports women and gender-nonconforming people of color who act to defend themselves and their children against abuse.

In the statement, the group called for prosecutors to drop all charges against Meadows, and to release her immediately from confinement.

“The incarceration of Bresha Meadows serves no one. Bresha is not a threat to herself, family or community,” the group said. “Instead, it perpetuates the violence against Black women and girls that is inflicted at both the state and interpersonal levels every day. The state failed to protect Bresha. Now, it has chosen to criminalize her.”

So far, the letter has been signed by two dozen local and national organizations. Bresha is currently being held at the Trumbull County Juvenile Detention Center. On Thursday, she turned 15. “It is tearing me up, it’s horrible,” Brandi Meadows said about seeing her daughter incarcerated on her birthday. “I have been crying all day.”

GoFundMe page has raised over $28,672 to support Bresha and her family.

If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-799- SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.