A 15-year-old Ohio teen accused of killing her allegedly abusive father will not face the prospect of life behind bars.

Attorney Ian Friedman, who is representing Bresha Meadows, announced that her case will remain in juvenile court. At first officials had the option of transferring her case to adult court―a move that would’ve place Meadows in position to face life in prison.

Instead, a prosecutor decided to take that particular option off the table.

On July 28, Meadows shot her father in the head, killing the man who she said brutally beat her mother and terrorized her family for years, police say. She’s been detained in juvenile detention ever since, and charged with aggravated murder.

Meadows entered a plea of “not true,” which is the equivalent of a not guilty plea in juvenile court.

“I am obviously thrilled with the decision by the prosecutor to keep Bresha’s case in the juvenile court,” Friedman told The Huffington Post. “This doesn’t change our position that this was a self-defense scenario and we will press on with our effort to get Bresha home with her family right away. Today is a great day.”

Meadows’ case remaining in juvenile court means that she can only be held until her 21st birthday, even if she is tried and convicted of aggravated murder. She would remain in a juvenile facility and would not spend time in an adult prison.

More than a dozen days of action to raise awareness of the injustice Meadows has faced have taken place in the teen’s defense. In October, a fundraising campaign was created to support Meadows and her family.