Name: Briana Wilson

Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: CEO of MATTE brand

Social/Website: @eenahsanairb – @mattebrand@girlsworking –

Bio: Briana Wilson is a 24-year-old fashion designer and founder of the brands MATTE and Working Girl. Originally born and raised in the South, in 2014 Briana strayed from the traditional route. She dropped out of college, moved to New York and decided to wholeheartedly chase her dreams. Learning as she went, Wilson began her entrepreneurial journey by picking up skills in all areas from design to marketing.

In a short time, Matte grew into a women’s e-commerce go-to for many young women active on social media sites, as Wilson uses this as her sole source of marketing. Known mostly for her bodysuit designs, Wilson also has a collection of swimwear, athletic wear and plans on developing MATTE into a full lifestyle brand that serves all facets.

In the three years since Briana created Matte, the company has seen immense success! Generating over half a million dollars in sales and being seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, is not where Wilson plans to stop. Briana continues to dream big and imagines her business at the top tier of her market.

Briana Wilson Matte Brand
Photo Credit: Max Photo Studio/IG: MaxPhotoStudio

EBONY: What prompted the start of Matte Brand and your most recent women’s line, Working Girl?

Briana Wilson: I was looking for a way to be in control of my life. I knew I didn’t want a traditional job, so I started thinking of different ways to make money. I fell in love with having my own brand and eventually designing. MATTE grew into an outlet for me to create the things that I like. I started Working Girl because I was inspired by the amount of working girls there are today and I would like to inspire more. MATTE changed my life and opened doors for me that were sealed shut for women even 10 years ago; it’s amazing to me that women can bring in this much money on their own!

Matte Brand

EBONY: Where do your inspiration or ideas usually come from when designing new pieces for a collection?

Briana Wilson: I mainly think of things I want for myself. I think of MATTE as a lifestyle brand, so I want it to have fitness, swim, leisure, nail polish, everything! I would say designs are not scarce, it’s more about me being able to produce what I want.

Matte Brand

EBONY: What are a few life/career pieces of advice you would give an entrepreneur in the fashion industry?

Briana Wilson: I’m honestly still figuring it all out. I may have met my sales goal last year, but I worked myself like a dog, barely ate and barely slept. I guess sacrifices are necessary. I do know this is fact; you get back what you put in. If you’ve only done a little, you can expect little in return. Work smarter not harder.

And goals are necessary. Goals are how I measure my success. I set them for the year then break them down to the day.

Matte Brand Briana Wilson
EBONY: What are 5 personal goals you would like to reach before the end of the year?
Briana Wilson:
  • Cape Town for my birthday.
  • 50 total Working Girl mini-documentaries (😩)
  • Double last year in sales.
  • SAVE more than I SPEND (lol)
  • Travel once a month.
EBONY: What are 5 things people might not know about you?
Briana Wilson:
  • I’m from Arkansas
  • I want to move to South Africa in the next 2 years
  • I dated a girl for 2 years
  • I’m not religious
  • I read a lot of books!

Want to learn more about Briana? Check out her Youtube vlogs, here!