Briant “Bee-High” Biggs, cousin of famed hip-hop star Jay-Z, is alleged to have duped an investor in a video game platform for Roc Nation Entertainment.

Biggs was part of a team raising $1.5 million for the company’s subsidiary, Unanimous Games, according to the disgruntled investor, Blueprint Capital Holdings. Ryan Collision, the president of said company, says he believed in Biggs’ business plan to “bridge the gap” between eSports and the entertainment industry through live events and mobile video games.

It was expected that other entertainers signed to Roc Nation, such as Meek Mills, Jay Park, and Yo Gotti, were expected to participate.

In the Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, Collison says he invested $250,000 in March 2018. Unanimous Games promised that it would at minimum repay that money plus interest by March 2021.

But that date came and went with no money exchanged between Unanimous Games and Blueprint Capital Holdings.

Collision offered more time for Biggs and co. to pay him back and asked for tax returns and other financials from Unanimous Games, but all parties failed to respond.

In July 2021, Biggs spoke with a Blueprint representative and said that Unanimous Games was about to get a $5 million investment, the suit states. And following that investment, Unanimous Games would immediately pay Blueprint back, with them providing some financials to Blueprint a few weeks later.

“Notably, Unanimous Games did not provide any tax returns, income statements, general ledgers, profit and loss statements, or any documents relating to the alleged $5,000,000 investment,” the suit says. Records, however, show that Biggs paid himself tens of thousands of dollars from Unanimous Games in 2019 and 2020.

It also allegedly revealed that Unanimous Games did not reach an agreement with Roc Nation until months after the first meeting with Collision. Roc Nation retained the rights to the rappers who would appear on the video game platform—even though Biggs had told Collision otherwise.

Collision’s company accused Biggs, Unanimous Games and Roc Nation of fraud and breach of contract and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.