Premium African surf lifestyle brand Mami Wata, named after the mythical African water spirit, is on a mission to be a force for good and bring the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of African surf culture to the United States. Founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2017, the brand manufactures its full range of apparel, accessories and surf boards in Africa, supports surf therapy organizations and strengthens African surf tourism.

In an effort to bring surf tourism to the Motherland, the brand is bringing global awareness to ‘Afrosurf’ (the continent’s booming surf culture), beautiful beaches, and quality waves. The result would be considerable economic, social, and environmental benefits for local communities. Currently, the brand designs and manufactures their products domestically, using homegrown materials, like African cotton and other sustainable materials, to support local farmers, create jobs and build skills. Additionally, they support leading surf therapy organizations, including Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children, which impacts over 1,600 children a day through their powerful programs. 

Image: courtesy of Mami Wata.

Their next goal is to introduce the brand and ethos to an American audience, where the surfing community is seemingly homogenous. On March 30th, they opened America’s first African surf shop in Venice, California. On the same date, the brand also released a short film, Luck Is Alive, which  tells the story of an African surfer who is a believer in Animism, a sensibility prevalent among surfers throughout Africa. The theme is about embracing life and believing in the power of chance. 

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Image: courtesy of Mami Wata

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Image: courtesy of Mami Wata.

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Image: courtesy of Mami Wata.

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