Bugzy Malone, a rapper from Manchester, England, featured rough sleepers—people sleeping or bedded down in the open air (such as on the streets or in doorways, parks or bus shelters)—as paid extras in his music video for “Run,” which helped to reunite one man with his family.

Malone shot the video in August to bring awareness to the homeless issue in the city. During a recent interview on BBC 1Xtra with DJ Target, the rapper explained the process behind the video.

“We went out and got proper homeless people. We had a chance to chat [with] them and give them a little something. We got proper people off the street of Manchester in there.”—Bugzy Malone

“I got an e-mail of the mum of one of the guys. The guy had been missing for six months to a year,” he said. “[He] was on the missing list. She said when she seen him in my music video, it made her go out and find him.”

The homeless gentleman later ended up in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. His mother showed her son a post on Malone’s Instagram that included his picture from the video shoot.


“I’ve been at the bottom it’s not easy, homeless or not you must treat people with respect rich or poor,” the rapper captioned the post. “People that have struggled are the special ones out ere! Shout out the city that taught me all that I know I will help as much as I possibly can.”


In another post, Malone is seen giving some money to the man. It reads, “Life might get you down, just do your best not to stay there for too long. My guy was special regardless of his circumstances. You never know what people have been through. Good to meet you my brother.”

Despite negative opinions about recording good deeds for social media, a life was changed through Malone’s video. The rapper is grateful to have paid those in need and to reunite a family.

Four months later, the rapper reported that the young man in the video is getting his life back on track. He is back at home, has a job and a girlfriend.

Watch the video for Bugzy Malone’s “Run” featuring Rag’n’Bone below.