What happens when a woman has had enough?

She sat there on the morning of his birthday with a face of disbelief and a heart that had finally had enough of blatant betrayal. His phone was open in her hands and he allowed it, not second-guessing his decision to let his fiancée post something sentimental about him on his Instagram in honor of his born day.

Many men, especially those who’ve been called out publically for their cheating ways, keep their phones under maximum security like Secret Service protecting the POTUS, but not Lorenzo Gordon. After weeks of being away for work, he was finally in the arms of Brittish Williams, his-on-and-off again girlfriend of four years.

Ever since their appearance on Basketball Wives LA season three, their relationship has been under scrutiny, resulting in Lorenzo becoming a main attraction of salacious blog posts. His sneaking around had finally caught up with him. (Everybody gets caught eventually.) Yes, like many highly paid athletes of the past and present, he was known for sticking his manhood where it didn’t belong. Brittish took these previous accusations in stride because the evidence was never flagrant. But on this day in May, the sweet, humorous, insanely romantic man she’d grown to love and trust finally showed her the proof of his infidelity.

In a recently deleted folder (left unemptied in his Instagram) was a photo of Lorenzo and another woman in a position that was a little too close for comfort in the eyes of Brittish, and she went ballistic. The picture was worth a thousand words, and in that moment, the 5’ 3” reality star decided to seek revenge in a way she’d never thought to do before. She made a public statement for the first time about his immature ways, deciding her dignity and sanity were worth more than their title.

“After four years of being in this up and down relationship roller coaster, I am done!” she wrote. “People never grow up while you continue to keep growing and they never know what they have until it’s gone. I’m single. #happybirthdaylorenzo I’m sure you will never forget it.”

The moment she posted the breakup message on her timeline, the Instagram update went viral. Amongst the millions of eyes to see the news was Lorenzo himself, who was dismayed at his fiancée’s decision to publically kick him to the curb. This was unlike her typical behavior, and he was flabbergasted.

“I can’t believe you would do something like that to me,” he said to his best friend in disbelief.  “Well, I can’t believe the things you’ve done to me,” she said. “So now we are even.” Brittish’s actions may have appeared as petty in the eyes of a few, but after being embarrassed publicly for the last time, she felt validated in teaching him a lesson.

“Fifteen women don’t even compare to the one you have,” Brittish thought to herself. And even though she had this confidence, she believes Lorenzo’s “free ways” are a part of his DNA.

“I have my own thoughts about men,” she says. “I believe that no matter what you do, men are never going to be satisfied fully. That’s just how men are. It is a part of their makeup. I don’t care what anyone says.”

The young entrepreneur and owner of the successful online boutique House of Labels by lol.com never felt she had to do anything extra to keep Lorenzo’s attention sexually, despite his fooling around.

“He is very charming, very caring, he is a great father and a great man,” she says, “but a woman is his kryptonite. Because it just comes so easy for him. I’m going to do the things I feel comfortable doing with him because it’s what I want to do, and I’m never going to go over and beyond. We’ve never done threesomes or anything like that. He’s never even asked. In his mind, he would never want to do that with someone he wants to marry.”

Brittish left the relationship exasperated, but with her love for Lorenzo still intact. “He is definitely my best friend,” she admits. “It’s not like we are broken up and we aren’t talking to each other and I hate him and feel like I’m never going to talk to him again. I just feel like he needs to learn a good lesson and miss what he’s had. Sometimes for certain people, when you have a good thing in your face, you’re not going to realize it or appreciate it until it’s gone.”

Brittish has closed the door on her relationship for now, leaving the engagement in limbo. But in the meantime, she’s focusing on pushing her body to be its healthiest, showing the world all she has to offer in sexy new photoshoots, and building on her empire one business at a time.

“The shoot I just completed was my way of saying ‘I’m free.’ I’m free to focus on Brittish. I love my body, I’m working out, I’m doing stuff. I want the world to know that this is who I am, accept me for all of me. I’m Brittish and I’m here to stay.”

Williams will be stepping back in front of the camera in 2016, except this time she’ll be appearing on TV without her handsome beau. With a Christmas release for her beauty bar on the horizon, a Fashion Week event to support her House of Labels, and more photoshoots lined up for the coming year, Brittish is feeling more focused and confident than ever.

Follow Brittish Williams on Instagram @brittishwilliams for more updates and visit her boutique houseoflabelsbylol.com.

Glamazon Tyomi is a freelance writer, model and sex educator with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality. Her website, www.glamerotica101.com, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious. Follow her on Twitter at @glamazontyomi.