In My Skin, a memoir from WNBA star Brittany Griner, sheds light on how she was hurt by Baylor University's anti-gay policies.

Griner was simply the most dominant force the women's college game has ever seen. Now she’s on the cusp of breaking out in her second year of WNBA play. Most colleges would naturally tout their ties to Griner, but Baylor is not most colleges. The Waco, Texas-based university has one of the few powerhouse Division I athletic departments that officially discourages homosexuality. Baylor’s student handbook denounces all forms of sexuality outside of heterosexual marriage—including pre-marital straight sex and homosexuality of any kind. Now the fact that Baylor produced one of America’s most famous (and now outspoken) LGBTQ athletes imperils its future as a women’s basketball juggernaut.